Experiment of December 21, 2022:

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Solution video:



What does Ms. Santa observe?

A) The weight of the hourglass is the same in both positions.

B) The lying hourglass is lighter than the running one.

C) The running hourglass is lighter than the stationary one.

D) The running hourglass is upright sometimes heavier and sometimes lighter than the stationary one. It has a preferred direction.

Advice of the day:

The considerations at the beginning of the film refer only to the stationary hourglass. In the case of the lying hourglass, there is no flowing sand, so that there cannot be any additional forces. The comparison of the measurement in the two orientations standing vs. lying shows whether an hourglass with flowing sand is heavier than one with stationary sand. So does the direction/orientation of the hourglass play a role?